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One of the many services that separate Flooring America/Flooring Canada from the competition is our complimentary home-measuring service. There are many factors that can influence how much carpet you will need for your space and which product is right for you, so avoid the headache and let us measure and assess your space for free!

A professional home-measurement must be conducted by one of our FAFC certified flooring consultants or estimators if you would like us to professionally install the product. This is to ensure we order exactly the right amount of material for our installers to

If you wish to identify how much material you need by yourself you will need to find out the exact width and length of your space in feet and inches. You can use a standard tape measure or a laser measuring device. Multiply the width of your room by the length to determine the total square feet of the room.

If your space is not a simple rectangle you will need to measure the length of every wall and break the room into small rectangle shaped sections to make it easier to calculate your square footage. Carpet is typically manufactured in 12 foot rolls and as a result there will often be waste material created by cutting the carpet roll to fit your space. To account for this waste you must order at least 10% more square feet of carpet than the actual size of your room.

Typically the more windows, closets, corners and other unique features a room has will require more extra square feet of carpet.